Are you ready for some DIY Stamps?


Welcome to our very first Inspiration Friday project! I am so happy to have you here with me today.

Before we get started, let me share with you a little bit about our project and my a-ha moment. Our first project was inspired by a pin from Pinterest. All it is is silicone, acrylic sheet and paint.

I thought this would be such a great way to make my own stamps so that I could use it on anything I created whether it would be used in my art journal or on a piece of art I wanted to sell. I am always fretting over Angel Policies and thought, hmmm, if I made my own stamps then I really don’t have to worry about it, hence DIY Stamps as our first project.

While making my first two stamps, I started to get a little discouraged because they weren’t working out like the idea I had in my head as well as the photo from Pinterest. Don’t you just get bummed when things happen that way? I was too busy trying to get the stamps perfect and then that is when I had my a-ha moment.

The whole reason I created Inspiration Friday was to make time to learn new techniques and just play and have fun. So once I realized that, I had a blast making all of my imperfect stamps.

So with that being said, no perfectionism around here, okay? It is all about playing with your art supplies and having fun! Are you ready? Let’s do this!


First up is the transparency film stamp using the free template I posted last week.

Supplies: Transparency film (inkjet printable one), puff paint, glue pen, and Martha Stewart’s glass paint

  1. Print out the butterfly template and place a clear transparency film over the top.
  2. Tape it down and trace over butterfly design with each glue/paint. (note: I did not trace over every single detail on butterfly)
  3. Let dry and then cut out around each butterfly.


Using tape to secure the newly cut out stamp to a stamping block, I was able to stamp with acrylic paint and stamping ink.

Result…eh. However, I did like the first image with paint. Although it didn’t stamp a perfect butterfly image, I really enjoyed the design on paper and how it is faintly there. This would go great in a background for a mixed media project/journal page.


Supplies: acrylic sheet, silicone, paint, fabric textile medium, brayer, canvas tote and a printed or hand drawn image.

  1. Tape acrylic sheet on top of printed image to secure.
  2. Trace over image with silicone. (note: again I did not go over every detail on the butterfly)
  3. Let dry. (it took only a couple of hours but I let it sit over night to be sure)
  4. Mix one part paint to one part fabric textile medium.
  5. Use brayer or fingers to apply the paint to the silicone stamp.
  6. Press stamp on top of canvas tote.


After stamping the butterfly stamp on the tote, I ended up stamping a hand carved wood butterfly stamp too. I love these hand carved wood stamps! I bought mine off of Etsy.


Supplies: plastic cover from just about anything (I got mine off of this card package), glue gun and a hand drawn image.

  1. Trace over image with glue gun.
  2. Let dry. (This only took a short amount of time to dry but I let it sit over night)
  3. Trace over design with glue gun.
  4. Apply paint or ink over stamp.
  5. Stamp whatever your heart desires.

pumpkin   gluegun Here I used paint, chalk ink and distressed ink on scrapbook paper. This image ended up looking more like a stenciled image than anything.


Supplies (Eraser Stamp):  Eraser, Speedball linoleum cutting tool, wood tag, and archival ink.

  1. Eraser stamp only: draw a design on stamp (use pencil because I used a marker and the marker stamped on the wood as well as the archival ink)
  2. Using the Speedball linoleum tool (watch your fingers!) I carved out around the image with the #2 tool and then used the #1 tool to cut little lines in the feather.
  3. Stamp with ink and onto wood tag.


Supplies: Speedball carving block, Speedball linoleum cutting tool, pencil, hand drawn image and tape.

  1. Take a hand drawn image or a printed image and flip it over.
  2. With a pencil, shade over image (back side of image, not on top of image).
  3. Place the shaded image on top of the Speedball carving block and tape it down so it doesn’t move.
  4. With the same pencil, draw over outline of image.
  5. Remove image and ta-da!

Check out for copyright free images!


I used the same cutting tool as the eraser stamp and cut around the owl. Then I used the #1 tool to cut around the eyes, nose, and ears. Ink the new stamp and you are ready to go! This was by far my most favorite type of DIY stamp and now I have a new found love…carving my own stamps!!! So fun!


How fun is this? I ended up carving a tree branch for the owl to sit on and cut more details on the owl stamp and ta-da…an adorable, hand made stamp for my art journal page. 🙂 The quote I stamped on my page was the perfect stamp for our very first Inspiration Friday project. Love it!

Well I hope you enjoyed part one of DIY Stamps. I have more to show you but didn’t want to overwhelm you on our first Friday project. Please share your stamp pics if you create any of your own. I would love to see it!

Until next Friday,

Peace, Love & Bliss,



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