DIY Stamps Part 2 is here!


Hello again and Happy Friday! Did you enjoy your first Inspiration Friday post? I hope you did and I hope you were able to get through all the fun DIY stamp pictures. I had so much fun creating these stamps that I had to break this post up into two. So finally, last but not least, here is DIY Stamps Part 2.

Veggie stamps, besides carving a stamp, were one of my favorites! The designs they make are so amazing. I can definitely see a future of using these in my art work. Below are pictures of each veggie and the stamped image. Enjoy!




Cauliflower_Stamp            Thyme_Stamp

Here is a very simple project to make with your veggie stamps…a tea towel! What a great gift this would make for the Holidays. I forgot to sew the sides before stamping so definitely be sure to do that before you start stamping. 🙂

Supplies: Muslin or whatever suitable material you would like to use, end of a celery stalk (blue flower), carrot (center of flower), corn cob (pink flower stem), cauliflower (orange leaves), a stamp with your favorite saying and fabric paint or acrylic paint mixed with textile medium.

  1. Cut material to whatever size is best. I did not measure mine and totally forgot to sew the edges. Oops.
  2. Sew edges before stamping.
  3. Dip veggie stamps in favorite paint colors and stamp away. I stamped mine in this order: blue flower, pink stem, orange leaves, brown center of flower and finally the quote.

Tip: be sure to use either fabric paint or acrylic paint mixed with textile medium so that the tea towel can be washed. Follow directions on fabric paint or textile medium in order to heat set the painted images.

Next are stamps made out of foam:



Supplies: 2 sticker foam sheets (mine are from Michaels), pencil, sharpie, scissors and ink pad.

  1. Draw out an image on one of the sticker foam sheets with a sharpie.
  2. Go over outline of image with a pencil to push down the foam so that the outlined image will make a print once stamped.
  3. Cut out around image.
  4. I then took my pencil and pressed down on the foam so that the wood post would look like wood once I stamped the image.
  5. Pull off sticker backing (pink stamp) and place onto another sticker foam sheet (yellow).
  6. Again cut around image.
  7. It is ready to stamp on whatever your heart desires to create.

I was missing my white fine tip sharpie (water based) marker so I had to use my Pitt Pen. I stamped on a 3×4 journaling card.



Supplies: Foam shapes (from Michaels) and a sticker foam sheet.

  1. Draw heart shape on yellow sticker foam sheet.
  2. Cut out heart shape and peel sticker backing off.
  3. Stick the heart onto one of the foam shapes.
  4. I added two little marks on the heart with a pencil so that when the image was stamped, those two marks would look like little reflections of light on the heart.



Supplies: Thick foam sheet, pencil, and an ink pad (Archival Ink in Black)

  1. Draw image with a pencil on to the thick foam sheet. Remember when drawing with pencil, that part of image will not receive any ink from the ink pad. This part is being pushed down by the pencil.
  2. Cut out around the image.
  3. Stamp onto the ink pad and find something to stamp your new image.



I stamped my girl image onto a sheet of book paper inside a book. The “after” picture shows the difference of me drawing on the inside of her cape with a pencil so that this part of her dress would be pushed in and would not receive any ink. Then I added some paint, a quote and ta-da…a quick, one of a kind art journal page. 🙂

So here are some fun stamps you can make out of every day objects found around your house.


Above: cd case, lid, lid from makeup, tiny roses, wood buttons, coffee straws that end up glued to the eraser shown in picture.

Roses_Stamps     Everyday_objectstamps2

Glue the images to clear containers, add some paint and stamp onto paper. Quick and easy!


This one was fun and I really enjoyed the outcome of this stamp.

Supplies: embroidery thread, a wood stamp, ink pad, and paper

  1. Wrap thread around wood stamp.
  2. Tie it off.
  3. Ink the stamp and stamp on paper.

Here are some other objects that can turn into stamps. Charms, cookie cutter, stress ball, mason jar lid, wine bottle stopper, nail, beer bottle cap, + more!



And last but not least, a couple of fun projects using all of my new every day object stamps!project_stamps


Whew! Well that is it with all of the DIY stamps. I do hope you enjoyed it and I hope this sparks some inspiration for you to start making some of your own stamps. Have a great Friday and rest of the weekend!

I am so excited to meet you back here next Friday with a totally new project! No worries, this will only be one step by step project this time around. 🙂

Hint: we will be creating a dream catcher but not like any I have seen on Pinterest. I’m so excited!

Until then…

Peace, Love & Bliss to you,




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