Wood slice Dream catcher


Hello and welcome to another fun Inspiration Friday project!

Have you wanted to make a dream catcher? I just love and adore dream catchers, especially because of their story. I created one for my 3D Design class last Fall and made it out of material. The meaning of my “soft” dream catcher was to protect my little girl and at the time, my unborn baby boy.  Today it hangs on a wall close to where they sleep.

This time I made the dream catcher for our family and used a different material…wood!

Without further ado, here is the wood slice dream catcher.


Supplies: wood slice (mine came from Michaels), lace ribbon (mine is from Hobby Lobby), gold ribbon (Hobby Lobby), feathers (Michaels and Walmart), 4 eyelets (not sure of the correct name for these), needle and thread or glue gun, wood burner, printed photo of dream catcher, pencil, sharpie, and 1 sheet of tracing paper.


Print a picture of a dream catcher off of Pinterest, place tracing paper over picture and with sharpie, trace the dream catcher design. (only the center piece of dream catcher)


Turn traced image over and with a pencil shade over the traced image.


Put traced image on top of wood slice. (Sharpie image should be facing you while the pencil rubbing should be laying on top of the wood slice.) Now trace over the sharpie with a pencil. This will leave an imprint of the design on your wood slice. Easy transfer technique to use on almost anything!


Now your wood slice should have a faint image and you are ready to wood burn over the design. This part was a tad difficult for me since I am not an experienced wood burner. 🙂 I ended up doing dots versus lines which I ended up liking.


Once the image has been wood burned, take the 4 eyelets (or whatever they are technically called) and screw them into the wood slice. One on top and 3 on the bottom.


String the lace ribbon through the 3 bottom “eyelets”.


Now you are ready to put on the feathers. The easier version would probably be to hot glue the feathers to the lace ribbon but I sewed mine on which is shown below.


Take the bottom of the lace ribbon and fold it. Stick  the end of the feather through the bottom of the fold as shown above and either hot glue it together or sew it.



Take the gold ribbon and tie it in a knot underneath the lace ribbon. Note: the lace ribbon is not tied on because I wanted to adjust the length of the feathers. When tying the gold ribbon, make sure one length is short and the other length is long. (Cut all ribbons to desired length. Mine started out at 52″ long but I ended up cutting quite a bit off.)


Finally tie on the feathers onto the gold ribbon. These I just knotted around the end of the smaller feathers.

So there you go! Hopefully this will inspire you to make your own dream catcher. Just think of the endless possibilities of decorating these with beads, flowers, other ribbon, etc.

           Final_DreamCatcher-1 Final_DreamCatcher-2 Final_DreamCatcher-3

Next week is Thanksgiving so Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I hope you get to enjoy good times and great food! I will still post a project for next week but this one will be really simple and only uses two objects. I am really excited about this one.

While shopping at Garden Ridge A.K.A. At Home, I came across a sequined deer head in the ornaments section. Bring on the deer head project! By the way it was only $9.99 and 25% OFF.

Until next week…

Peace, Love & Bliss to you,



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