Holiday DIY & Gift Ideas

Hello and Happy Friday! This week will be a post on some cute holiday and gift ideas that I found on Pinterest. There will not be any step by step tutorial this week from me but definitely check out the following ideas to get tutorials. (Click on picture to take you to website)




Following last week’s deer head project, here is a simple one to create instead of going out and buying the deer head I used. There is a free template to print on this site too.




How cute and simple is this idea? Magnet alphabet letters, paint and ta-da, you have a simple gift or decor for the fridge.

Here are some other ideas to use these for:

  • Put a piece of sheet metal in a picture frame and add these letters, great gift!
  • Use another picture frame or canvas and glue these letters that spell out a cute message.
  • Glue these letters on jars or canisters. (Flour, Sugar, Coffee, etc)
  • Use a wood block (2x4x8 that has been cut down to size 2x4x5.5 inches approximately), decoupage scrapbook paper or book paper over the face of the block (paint the remaining sides) and glue the letters over the decorative paper to spell out another cute message such as, I believe, The _____ Family, etc.
  • Another would be like the one mentioned above but use chalkboard paint instead of paper and do a count down to ____. (EX: Make a white line so that you can fill in how many days the countdown is with chalk and glue letters spelling “Days until” and add another white line to fill in with chalk whatever event you are counting down.)





How beautiful are these wings?! I know this is a large scale project but wouldn’t this be nice scaled down as an ornament? Pretty!

This would be cute for photo portraits too! Adult or kiddos.


This has been a popular one on Pinterest for the holiday season. I even tried my hand at it which is seen on last week’s project pictures. (This pin only goes to so I do not have an official link for this one.)

My Mom decoupaged her letters with wrapping paper and it turned out really cute!


Sorry Mom, had to share it. 🙂 ( Sorry photo is so small, was taken with iPhone)

Well that is a whole lot of fun and inspiring projects to try out. If you do any of these, please share and let me know how it turned out. I would love to see!

Until next Friday…

Peace, Love & Bliss,



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