Great Gift: Recipe Blocks!

Hello and Happy Friday!

I had the pleasure of finally taking an online art course from the talented (and so adorable) artist, Junelle Jacobsen. The class is called “The Art of Goodness” and boy is it ever filled with such goodness!

One of the lessons involves creating gingerbread house recipe blocks. Sooo…I thought this would make such a great Christmas gift for all the dance moms at my daughter’s dance school. Here are some pics of what I created. Enjoy!

P.S. I highly recommend taking her class. She also offers a class dedicated to painting on wood blocks called “Saturday Mornings”. That will definitely be the next one I sign up for!

*Note: This is not a step by step tutorial from me because that would so not be cool to do since I learned this art lesson from another artist. 😉 I do however hope you enjoy the pics and definitely try out her class because it was filled with so many art projects that you can use for Christmas.

Ginger_Blocks-24 Ginger_Blocks-3

Ginger_Blocks-11 Ginger_Blocks-10

Ginger_Blocks-7 Ginger_Blocks-12

Ginger_Blocks-20 Ginger_Blocks-17 Ginger_Blocks-15

Ginger_Blocks-27 Ginger_Blocks-2


I tied a little Ginger Girl cookie cutter (from Target) on the package and ta-da! Seriously, how cute is this to gift? These were so much fun to make that I am going to make more! Love!

So if you get a chance, definitely check out Junelle Jacobsen and her art courses.

Until next Friday,

Peace, Love & Bliss,



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