Anthropologie Inspired Pom Pom Garland

This week’s Inspiration Friday is a very simple DIY project that you can do in one hour or less. It took me a couple of days simply because I had to keep stopping to take care of the kiddos but I finished in two days. The first day took me at least 30 minutes to braid the strand and make one pom pom. On the second day it took me under 30 minutes to make the rest of the pom poms plus hang them on the garland.

This inspiration came from Anthropologie cream pom pom garland which unfortunately I can not find for sale on their site anymore. How pretty is this garland?


I did not have cream yarn and would love to have made a garland in this color so instead I just went with the yarn I had on hand.

Supplies used:

(2) large yarn skeins size 6 super bulky (this garland can definitely be made with two regular size yarn skeins)

(1) metallic yarn skein size 3 light


Piece of cardboard cut to 5″x5″


PomPom (1 of 19) copy
The grey and metallic were used for the actual strand for the garland as well as pom poms. The blue and metallic were used for pom poms.


PomPom (2 of 19) copy
I wrapped the metallic strand and blue strand around the 5×5 cardboard template 40 times. I wanted the pom pom to be full.


PomPom (3 of 19) copy
Next I grabbed one side of the wrapped yarn and pulled it off the cardboard template.


PomPom (4 of 19) copy
Then I took a strand of the blue yarn that was cut beforehand and strung it through the middle of the wrapped yarn.


PomPom (5 of 19) copy
Here is a second view.


PomPom (6 of 19) copy
Tie the yarn as tight as possible and knot it.


PomPom (7 of 19) copy
Take your scissors and cut on the opposite side of where you tied the knot. It looks like a tassel at this point. If you like the tasseled look then leave it as is or if you want it to look a little more like a pom pom give it a good hair cut. Just trim the yarn ends.


PomPom (14 of 19) copy
Here is a second option: when taking the yarn off the cardboard template, grab both the front layer and back layer and sandwich it together. Take a piece of yarn and tie a tight knot around the whole wrapped yarn that is “sandwiched” together. If this makes absolutely no sense, check out a great video by Creative Kids on Jeanne Oliver’s ning site: http://www.jeanneoliver.ning


PomPom (15 of 19) copy

PomPom (16 of 19) copy
On both sides of the knot the yarn will have loop holes. Take your scissors and cut through the loops on both sides of the knot.


PomPom (17 of 19)
Now you have a cute pom pom!


PomPom (11 of 19) copy
For the garland I cut 3 separate strings of the grey yarn and 3 separate strings of the metallic yarn. All 6 pieces of the yarn were approx. 6 feet long.


PomPom (10 of 19) copy
I left a tail of about 12″ long on one end and tied a knot. Then I braided the entire thing but left another tail of yarn about 12″ long on the end and knotted it.


PomPom (12 of 19) copy
Once you have your pom poms made, take the two tail ends from the piece of yarn that is knotted around the pom pom and tie the strings onto the garland.


PomPom (13 of 19) copy
I made sure that the knot was made towards the pom pom so it was hidden.


Here is the finished pom pom garland.
Here is the finished pom pom garland.


The final piece hanging on the mantel.
The final piece hanging on the mantel.


PomPom (19 of 19)
Here is a second garland that my daughter and I made together for her Barbie house. 🙂

 Well I hope you enjoyed this simple and quick DIY. There is an update on Inspiration Friday posts. Starting this week I will post a new Inspiration Friday project every other week.

School is now back in session for me and I want to make sure that I have time to give fun and inspiring projects versus a hurried project because that is just not fun and you deserve the best!

So until the next Friday posting…

Peace, Love & Bliss,



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