My Art Space…come on in

Hello and Happy Friday my creative peeps!

This Saturday is Valentine’s day and I thought I would take a moment to share with you where I love to create…in my little art room. I dream of having a studio of my own in the future where kids and adults can come create, get inspired, learn and walk away knowing a little more about their artistic side. In the meantime, we have turned one of our upstairs room into the arts and crafts room.

Now it isn’t exactly set up the way I always envisioned however over the next several months we are going to work on changing that so our space will be more inspiring to work in as well as functional.


This is the digital section of our little art room. (I say ours because I share this space with my 4 year old daughter whenever she is in the mood to play with art.) The goal for this area is to clean up the bookcase section and have things not just look pretty but be more accessible.


This little section is my inspiration wall that displays art I have made and art from other artists I admire. It needs some updating. This section also houses my sewing machine, material, suitcases full of craft supplies and canvases.


This little station is my daughter’s part of the room. As for updating we will be decluttering it a bit.


And here is my favorite part of our art room…my project table! My husband and I purchased this beauty from Pier 1 almost 9 years ago. Its original color was black. We recently painted it with chalk paint and gave it a good polyurethane coat. This is my baby and work horse. On the back wall is my inspiration station! We hung up a photo ledge from Ikea and it houses all of my Dyan Reaveley’s spray inks, other spray inks, alcohol inks, india inks and more! I keep it lined up in the rainbow color scheme. I just love looking at it every time I enter this room.

As for updates I will be re-working this entire wall and space. I can not wait to share the after pics with you.


I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of our art room. Recently I came across WeWork, a co-working company that has several locations throughout the world. Instantly I was motivated to create this post and share with you where I create my art and DIY crafts. If you haven’t checked them out before, definitely hop on over to visit them at their website or one of their locations. I know I will stop by the Austin one as soon as I go back to visit my sister and brother-in-law.

Until next Friday,

Peace, Love & Bliss and Happy Valentine’s Day!



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