Simple DIY Spring Print


Happy Spring!!

I hope you are enjoying a new season. Since this is the season of Spring, I thought it would be fun to put together a fun and very simple art project for you.

Let’s get this arty party started!


Watercolor paper or mixed media or bristol


Watercolor brush

3×4 journaling card

Pen of any color

Washi tape or glue


Paper towel

Cup with clean water to start


Dip your brush into a cup of clean water. Make sure your brush is soaked. Place the brush on the paper and kind of squiggle some lines. Right now you are basically painting with water. If you are viewing this next photo on a laptop or small device, tilt the screen back a bit and you will see the water, hopefully.


Now dip your brush in the pink watercolor pan and apply the color to the paper. If you just set the tip of your brush into the water that is marked on your paper, it will spread very easily. Try flicking your brush over your paper for a cool splatter effect!


Next clean your brush in the cup of water and dip your brush in the yellow watercolor pan and apply the color to the paper. Once you are happy with these two colors, soak it up by dabbing a paper towel over the colors. It will now have a very pastel look.

Now repeat the step of applying color by using blue and green.


Dab with a paper towel to soak up all the wet colors. Now it should look like this:


Here is a closer look:


Now take a pen, mine is gold but you could use any color, and start doodling a flower. Here is mine with step by step pics of simply making squiggly lines to create a flower.

DIYSpringPrint_KJ-6 DIYSpringPrint_KJ-7 DIYSpringPrint_KJ-8 DIYSpringPrint_KJ-9 DIYSpringPrint_KJ-10 DIYSpringPrint_KJ-11

Draw some leaves.


Next cut up your 3×4 journal card if you want or keep it in its original size and play around with placement. Here are some examples I did until I decided it looked just right.

DIYSpringPrint_KJ-15 DIYSpringPrint_KJ-16

Once I decided on a placement, I used some washi tape to secure the pieces. You can use glue if you prefer.


At this point it felt very unfinished to me so I added some doodles. Here is a free PDF for you to use as a mini doodle guide. Enjoy! DIYSpringPrint_KJ


Here are some close ups:

DIYSpringPrint_KJ-19 DIYSpringPrint_KJ-20 DIYSpringPrint_KJ-21 DIYSpringPrint_KJ-22

And that is it! I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial and will now have a pretty little picture to display in your home or give as a gift.

Until our next Friday meet-up,

Peace, Love & Bliss to you,



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