Striped Photo Canvas

StripedCanvas_KJ (11 of 15)_edited-1

Hello and Happy Friday!

My semester of art school has officially ended and I am back on track with our fun Inspiration Friday posts. Whew! That semester kicked my behind. With that being said, how about a simple and quick photo canvas for you to make in under 30 minutes? Here you go:


12×12 canvas

paint (turquoise, yellow, & white)

painters tape



4×4 photo

wood decor (mine is from Michael’s)

stamp & ink pad

hot glue gun

washi tape

StripedCanvas_KJ (1 of 15)

Measure canvas and make horizontal lines about 2 inches apart.

StripedCanvas_KJ (3 of 15)

Tape it off every other line. I made the tape cover the edges of the canvas too.

StripedCanvas_KJ (4 of 15)

I mixed turquoise paint with white and made it as light as I liked it to be. I painted the first white stripe (untaped area) the lightest shade of turquoise. Then I mixed a little more blue with white to make a darker shade of the turquoise and painted the second white stripe. Finally I mixed a little more blue with white to make an even darker shade of the turquoise and painted the last white stripe. This created a slight ombre effect.

StripedCanvas_KJ (5 of 15)

While the canvas dried, I painted the wood decor from Michael’s a yellow color. Once it dried I stamped all over it.

StripedCanvas_KJ (7 of 15)

Then I took white paint and dabbed it on the wood decor and rubbed it off with a paper towel to give it a wash. The yellow was too bright for my liking. This toned it down.

StripedCanvas_KJ (8 of 15)

Once everything was dry, I simply glued the wood decor to the canvas and taped my photo to the wood decor with decorative washi tape. Using washi tape will allow me to change out the photo easily.

StripedCanvas_KJ (13 of 15)

Here is a detailed look at the stamped area. I really liked how this part turned out.

StripedCanvas_KJ (14 of 15)

Well that is all for this week. See you back here on Friday May 29, 2015! Have a great weekend!

Peace, Love & Bliss,



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