Travel Art Journal

Hi and Happy Friday to you!

In just a couple of days we will be in the month of June! Can you believe it? This year is flying by. June is a very exciting month for my family. We are celebrating my Mom and Dad’s 40th wedding anniversary soon and my husband and I will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary at the end of this month. My parents have been such an amazing example of what love is and how to keep a marriage going strong. By celebrating this milestone, my family and I will be going to a beach house and hanging out for a week. I can not wait! So with vacations starting soon I thought it would be fun to try something a little different. A mini travel art journal to keep photos and keepsakes in.

So what exactly is a travel art journal? To me it is a place to scrapbook our vacation while on vacation as well as a place to journal, store keepsakes and do some art journaling too.

Pinterest has so many cool ones out there, just type in travel scrapbooking or check out my new board here that was created for inspiration.

This Inspiration Friday I wanted to show you how I will be creating mine. Once we get back from vacation and I have photos printed out, I will show you more in detail how it all comes together on another post. Hopefully this will leave you inspired to give a mini scrapbook/travel art journal a go for your vacation this year.

TravelJournal_JP (1 of 9)

While surfing Pinterest, I came across a lot of travel journals that use a binder method or 2-3 ring binder clip method. I love this idea and think it has a lot of flexibility when creating a journal with photos and more. For my travel art journal, I will be using my midori style journal called a FoxyDori. I love my FoxyDori’s. I have two and want more! Lol! *The one shown here is considered “wide” under her sizing guidelines. It has a quad strand for binding and a single strap to hold it closed.*

TravelJournal_JP (2 of 9)

Inside the journal: folder made out of scrapbook paper that will hold washi tape and stickers, a Fabriano journal from Hobby Lobby that will hold the actual travel art journal, a blue Moleskine notebook for keeping notes or any additional journaling or for when those awesome ideas appear out of nowhere, and an art journal I binded that is made out of 140lb hot press Fabriano paper.

TravelJournal_JP (3 of 9)

Here is a peek at a couple of goodies that are being housed in the blue and red striped folder.

TravelJournal_JP (4 of 9)

I have started to prep some of my “scrapbook” pages using scrapbook paper and embellishments. Here are a couple of peeks.

TravelJournal_JP (5 of 9) TravelJournal_JP (6 of 9) TravelJournal_JP (7 of 9)

While on vacation I will be able to tape in keepsakes, journaling, some instax pics and more. Then when we get back home I will print out the photos from my digital camera and continue working on our family travel art journal.

Here are just a few of my art supplies I will be bringing along. I am trying to keep it small and simple.

TravelJournal_JP (9 of 9)

These items (minus the camera) will be housed in an elastic pouch I am planning on sewing this weekend. Hopefully it turns out just how I have it planned in my head!

So why am I doing this for our vacation this year? Well, to be honest, I am horrible at coming home and getting pictures printed and off of my digital camera. I am hoping this journal will keep me motivated to get those pics printed. This is also a way for me to combine what I love; journaling, art and photos all wrapped up into a simple memory keeping book. Let’s see how this works out. I hope this inspires you to try it out whether it’s this style or a binder style. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will see you back on Friday June 19th.

Peace, Love & Bliss,



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