Travel Art Journal Part 2


Happy Friday and Happy Fourth of July (tomorrow)!

It has been a whole month since our vacation and I finally have my little travel art journal put together. I actually had it put together quite quickly the week we returned. It just took me this long to take pictures and post.

I have to say I really enjoyed having the pages prepped in advance with journal cards and a couple of cards stitched with vellum. It made it so much more fun and quicker to put my instax photos inside the prepped pages.

As for all of my digital pictures, well that will come together another day in a separate album.

So here you go, here is the final part to my travel art journal.







Side note: not much art happened while I was at the beach. I was too busy enjoying the days with my family. Even in the evenings we were busy playing games or watching movies and that was just fine by me. I really enjoyed capturing my art through photography this time versus drawing or painting. 🙂

Soon we will be on the road for two weeks and I can not wait to capture some more fun photos. I’m hoping I will get one of Donna Downey since we will be making a stop at her studio…EEK! I’m so excited!

***Update for Inspiration Friday posts.***

The first Friday of each month will be the new schedule for Inspiration Friday posts. I look forward to sharing some fresh ideas and DIY projects soon.

Thank you so much for checking out our family travel journal! Have a great day and stay safe this holiday weekend!

Peace, Love & Bliss,



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