Shutter + Blessings = Simple DIY


Happy Friday and Happy August! Can you believe how fast this summer has flown by?! This summer holds many special memories for my family and myself. We had some amazing vacations this year. Recently we went on a two week road trip to Pennsylvania to visit our family and I have to tell you, I left the northern mountains with so much inspiration.

On our way home we stopped at this adorable shop called the French Market Tavern. If you live or visit the Locust Grove, GA area, this is a must see store. One of their many signs made me stop in my tracks and say to my husband, “OMG, this is my personal mantra”! It read: Be Grateful, Eat More Vegetables, Help Others, Play Outside, Be Present, Smile, and Pay it Forward. I almost bought it on the spot BUT as a DIY-er, my first thought was ‘I would really like to make that on my own’.

So I came home and made one. 🙂 Here is a simple tutorial showing you how you can make an adorable sign with mantras, blessings, and little reminders on how to live a beautiful life. Enjoy!


Shutter (From Michaels and used 40% coupon)

Stamps in different fonts and sizes

Ruler (if you want to try and get your words straight or you can brave it and wing it like I did)

Ink Pad (mine is the Ranger Archival in Black)

Sharpie marker/pen in black

Mantras, Phrases, & Blessings written out in advance

Optional: white paint (any brand) and small flat paint brush

ShutterBlessings_JP (2 of 19)

So like I mentioned before I was just winging it on placement of letters. Because of this, I ended up starting my first word too far over. I then played with placement for the next word (Grateful) by lining up the stamps so I could make sure the rest of the phrase would fit.

ShutterBlessings_JP (4 of 19)

Once I stamped the phrase, I noticed some of the stamps left marks. I tried wiping it away with a baby wipe but the wipe ended up smudging the black ink which I ended up really liking. It gave the overall piece a little bit of a grunge look which I personally love. Remember, art and DIY projects are not about perfection! Embrace the messiness. 🙂

*Note: For every word, I stamped each letter individually which meant that all my words were not straight and that was A-OK for me. If you want yours to be as straight as possible, try using a ruler and drawing a faint pencil line to use as a guide to keep your stamped letters straight.

ShutterBlessings_JP (7 of 19)

Some of the stamped letters stamped incomplete like the “R” and “E” (pictured above), so I fixed it by drawing with a black sharpie pen.

ShutterBlessings_JP (8 of 19)

Much better! Once I had some phrases completed, I got a little smarter and decided to figure out placement for the entire phrase by lining up the stamps on the board.

ShutterBlessings_JP (9 of 19)

Ta-Da! All my mantras, blessings + reminders hand stamped on this cute shutter from Michaels. Talk about embracing the mess. How cute is this photo of all the stamps surrounding the board?!

ShutterBlessings_JP (11 of 19)

Now, it looks complete but some of the smudges were a bit much for my liking so I decided to try and cover it up a bit with some white paint. I used Golden’s heavy body paint because it was the first white paint I saw and grabbed. You can use any brand to cover any bits that stand out.

ShutterBlessings_JP (12 of 19)

And finally, here is the completed piece.

ShutterBlessings_JP (13 of 19) ShutterBlessings_JP (14 of 19)

Last month, my awesome Dad helped me paint the master bedroom a cottage white and then nailed large pieces of wood across the main back wall. I’m so in love with our room. We still need to finish it by adding crown molding and base trim but here is a pic of our very first item hanging on our new wall.

ShutterBlessings_JP (18 of 19) ShutterBlessings_JP (19 of 19)

Well I hope you enjoyed this very simple tutorial for August. I can not wait to see you back here on the first Friday in September for another Inspiration Friday post. Until then, come hang out with me on Instagram (@KarmasJourney) and sign up for my newsletter on my main website here so you can get first dibs on sales & updates for my Etsy shop and join my creative journey as I share art work + more with you.

P.S. My shop is being ‘renovated’ at the moment and I can not wait to share what is in store soon! Follow my new Instagram account for the shop (@ArtSprinkler). I will be hosting a giveaway very soon and I will be hosting a huge Open House event in November. This one you don’t won’t to miss!!! I’m so excited!

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today! Have a great month and a blessed day!

Peace, love & bliss to you,



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