Inspiration Box

Why Hello!

It has been a while since I last posted a project. Without further ado, here is a fun and very simple box to house quotes, collage, words cut out from magazines, or whatever your heart desires.


Supplies list:

A box (pic above: mine is a sketch box from Target and is currently on sale! Win Win!), Decoupage, Scissors, Paint, a favorite magazine to cut out collage material (mine is Bella Grace from, Tracing Paper, a pen and paint brushes.


Using the tracing paper, trace the top the lid of the box. Then using the tracing paper, start going through your magazine to find an image that fits the trace you just made. No straight lines here! Perfection is out the door on this project FYI! 🙂

Cut the image out with tracing paper as your guide (tracing paper is on top of image, hold pages together and cut both at the same time).

Next lay your image on your lid to make sure it fits. Because my box lid slides in, I made sure my image did not lay on top of the sides that slide into the box. It would have caused the lid to be thick and not fit back in.


Now find some words and create a poem or do like I did, keep it simple by cutting out the inspiring quote that went with this image. 😉

Decoupage all layers. First glue down the main image and then glue down the quote.


For some added fun I cut out some butterfly wings from my paper stash and glued them onto the girl. I only glued the middle section down and curled the wings by simply bending the paper with my fingers. I wanted a little 3D element.

More fun…I added some paint to make the imagery blend together. I used blue in her wings and dress, then added some pink on the background and around the quote.

With a white pen, I added some tiny dots to her wrists, waist, head and wings.

And there you have it! A beautiful box with inspiring imagery for you to keep whatever your sweet heart desires. I think I am going to fill this box up with favorite quotes. Words are so important to me and I think this will be the perfect box to house sweet and inspiring sentiments.


Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a powerful reminder of how beautiful we all are?! ❤


Bella Grace magazine has such gorgeous paper and imagery. This is a great way to recycle this magazine. For more places to look for collage check out these sites:

Graphics Fairy, My Pinterest Boards, & this Etsy Shop! Look at some of your favorite magazines too!

I hope you enjoyed this sweet tutorial. Happy Friday and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time…

Peace, Love & Bliss,



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